This Town Sucks

Dearest Diary,
School just started today. There’s talk of a few new teachers (some cute ones I hope) and a new football coach (who is not a teacher, talk about news!) to start out the year, but other than that, nothing overall exciting. Minus the hell of my locker. I cannot believe this. Some prick left a dead pig in MY locker. I doubt it was on purpose but still, shouldn’t these jerks know which locker is the losers locker they want to vandalize?
What. Ever.
Anywho. Bigger news. After all the stupid school drama (which was okay ‘cuz the guy in my English class that was totally hot shared his book with me) we (the usual, Sandra, Leah, Alyssa, Rose) went over to Jen’s house for an awesomely planned chic flick heaven movie night. Halfway through Eat Pray Love the doorbell rings and Jen goes to answer it. Guess who’s there? An ultimate hottie that is new to the neighborhood stopped on by and sat down with us. He had gorgeous deep brown eyes, black hair with that slightly spiky style, and very kissable lips. He had on a long black leather jacket, almost Neo like but it so worked on him, dark (slightly baggy) blue jeans, and a tan form fitting shirt. Jen introduced him as Eric and I swear his eyes lit up when he smiled at me. I knew at that moment that I wanted those lips all over me, and I dont mean just my lips.
Again, anywho…
As the movie comes to an end we are all so snuggled up close to this hottie, sadly Jen was the closest and not me, but that’s okay in the end. So the hottie, Eric, totally looks like he’s wanting something, or someone if you catch my drift. So we ask him if he wants anything to eat or drink or wants to watch another movie with us or whatnot and he totally agrees that he does want a snack, but this is where everything goes weird, like totally batty.
Eric looks over to us then Jen then says he knows what he ‘wants to snack on’ and totally takes a giant bite and latches onto Jen’s neck! Like can you believe it? He is there like a total leech, just sucking on her, and so not in a good way.
So the girls jump up on the coach and idk why but I grab the lamp (vintage of course) and take control. I manage to smack him upside the head knock him away but get this, even after his totally stupid and creep moment he comes after me! And you know what? All that cardio and workouts this summer finally paid off. I so totally and completely kicked his ass. Like all ninja style. I so did not know I could do that.
So, as our melee reaches an end the Eric hottie jumps out the window and takes off. Of course the cops came waaaay too late but we had an awesome story to tell them.
Now we’re all at Lyssa’s house chilling trying to take it easy. We all agreed to not open the door and made sure all the thick drapes were covering the windows and that they were all locked.
Thats it for now Diary.



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