This Town Sucks

Episode 4

Another failed attempt...

Watcher’s Journal

Day 3, Friday

The battle began with four vampires blocking Syd and I from a fifth vampire engaging the Slayer. For a brief moment, my hopes soared. This could be just the encounter need to make the Slayer snap out of her suburban revery and face her destiny.

No such luck.

She turned and ran. Like some… girl in a horror film. I felt embarrassment on her behalf.

While I felt confident in the Slayers abilities should she actually be caught, Syd and I had the small matter of a “human” chain of vampires to deal with. As I prepped my crossbow, Syd began an assault that was nothing short of apocalyptic. Three vampire were aflame before I unleashed my first bolt.

What’s more, the military type from earlier had followed us. Fortunately, he opened fire on the vampires, rather than yours truly. He managed to fell the vampire pursuing the Slayer, which allowed me to chase after her. To the best of my abilities.

I saw her make her way to the General Store (actual name), but was stopped by the local constabulary before I could reach the Slayer. Syd and I managed to evade suspicion and returned to my hotel room to wait for Sieg’s return.

Sieg and the homeless degenerate stop a rising at a local cemetery. It went fairly smoothly by their account. There was mention of napalm, but I’m pretty sure that was a joke. Then again, anything’s possible with that nameless bum.

Later that night, the lunatic drifter killed a defenseless, albeit probably evil, monk in Jordan Cemetery. The robed man merely laughed at the malodorous vagrant’s queries, at which point the encrusted derelict shot and decapitated him.

Sieg and I brought Syd home for the night. The police would likely be watching over the Slayer’s house, so no contact would be made tonight.

I had another vision last night. Kept it to myself, naturally. It would be… difficult to articulate their significance.

Everyone but Valerie and Sieg meets up at Mo Pancakes, Sieg I divvy up duties with Alec and Syd following the Slayer, leaving me to research the cult with the filthy hobo.

I shall officially be requesting hazard pay.

~Malcolm Turpin



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