• Alec Jones

    Alec Jones

    A soldier, dispatched to Sunnydale.
  • Lots


    Eccentric ponce too clever with magic for his own good; and the people around him...
  • Malcolm Turpin

    Malcolm Turpin

    A Watcher who has seen it all and never flinched... until he met a teenage Slayer in Southern California.
  • Rokuro "Rook" Axetwilos

    Rokuro "Rook" Axetwilos

    A demon hunting wanderer on a quest to kill one vampire who's been around the world twice. Or maybe around the block twice. Screw maps.
  • Valarie Hawthorn

    Valarie Hawthorn

    Your typical Californian teen. Sweet, popular, fashionable... and someone you may want to stab once in awhile.
  • Clem


    A neutral demon with a heart of gold who treasures the simple things in life, like romantic comedies and snack foods.