Rokuro "Rook" Axetwilos

A demon hunting wanderer on a quest to kill one vampire who's been around the world twice. Or maybe around the block twice. Screw maps.


Original Stats (Before Exp):
Birthday: January 11th, 1982
Age: 28
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 5
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 5
Will Power: 6
Perception: 4

Life Points: 67

Armor Points: 4 (Hard to Kill +4)

Drama Points: 10

Qualities and Drawbacks:

Senses: Hearing +2
Eye Sight -1 (Glasses)
Addiction: (Cigars) -1
Adversary: Vampires -6 Yep. I’ve pissed off a lot of vamps over the years.
Attraction: +1
Emotional Problems: -1 (Abandonment Issues) I learned my lesson. I ain’t gonna date anytime soon.
Fast Reaction: +2
Hard to Kill: +4
Mental Problems: -2 You trying seeing what I’ve seen and NOT being messed up.
Natural Toughness: +2
Nerves of Steel: +3
Obligation: -2 (Kill Vampires) I WILL crush those scum sucking vampires, even if it’s the end of me.
Obssession: -2 (Hunt Her Down) … She will pay for everything she’s done to me. And to a great man I once knew.
Recurring Nightmares: -1 She even haunts my dreams…
Resources: -4 Surprise Surprise. The wanderer doesn’t have a platinum Visa.
Secrets: -2
Situational Awareness: +2
Resistances: +1 Poison
+4 Demons
+2 Pain
+23 vs -22


Acrobatics: 4
Art: 2 I know how to play some instruments. Not a bad singer either.
Computer: 0
Crime: 5 A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to live.
Doctor: 5 I went to med school!
Driving: 2
Getting Medieval: 5 I like swords.
Gun Fu: 2 One end goes click, other goes Bang Bang.
Influence: 3
Language: 0 What the hell did you say about my mother??
Knowledge: 3
Kung Fu: 4 I’m a black belt. Suck a foot.
Mr. Fix It: 4
Notice: 4
Occult: 2 Kill vamps long enough and you learn a few things.
Science: 2 Again, totally went to med school.
Sports: 0
Survivalist: 5 I know how to live off mother nature. And make her my bitch.
Pyrotechnician: 3 Always have an alternate career choice children.
Herbalism: 4 Nature’s got a cure for everything. Except heartache. And Vampirism.


“A Pawn Named Rook”

(Sits down on a stump) I guess I’ll start in the beginning. Get comfy, cause this is a long ass story.

8 years ago I was a bright and shiny junior college graduate with the world as my oyster. I had just been accepted into a really good school (No names, no extra info for you.) I was content. I finished pre-med training with flying colors, and I was ready to go into the field and train with the best. I was pretty well set with money too, my parents had good jobs and put me through school before I picked up some huge scholarships. Right before I graduated, I snagged my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. No easy task I assure you, But it was totally worth it. Life was good. And best of all, I had Her at my side.

She pushed me to succeed. She made me feel whole. She was my everything, and I was Hers. Or so I thought. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Crystal… Was a beauty. Blazing red hair, nice rack, and an ass that could kill. Wicked smart too. She was a med school student as well, we met our first year at the junior college and hit it off. As far as I knew, we would be married as soon as we finished med school. But as I soon learned, life is a cruel son of a bitch.

In the first few months of med school, we barely saw each other, despite living in the same apartment. She was learning about autopsies and forensics, I was learning about the ER and how to save lives. (A small smile invades Rook’s serious face) We often joked how the only time we’d see each other on the job is if I messed up and she had to see how badly I botched the surgery. (The smile dies) Good times.

About a month before the end of the first semester, She began to change. She didn’t want to go to dinner and never wanted to talk. I tried to pry but for a long time she didn’t say anything. Eventually I caught her coming out of the morgue when I was on lunch. I bugged her til she caved and took me into the morgue. She pulled out a few bodies and told me if I saw something similar in all of them. When I couldn’t respond, She pointed to all of their necks. I realized that all of them had some sort of neck damage. “So we have a serial killer out?” I asked. She just stared at me and walked out, leaving me confused as all hell.

The semester ended, and I revealed to her I had planned a romantic weekend. Everything would be perfect… Until one of her professors called her about a recent murder down the block, which she could be first on the scene to. She canceled the plans and tore down the street. Again leaving me confused, and now rather hurt. She returned the next morning late with a strange expression on her face. No answers, surprise surprise.

January 7th, 2003. Snow began to fall pretty heavily. I came home after a long day to an empty apartment. I tried to call her. Over and Over. Nothing. Her car was gone. I sat around worried until after the sun came down. Still nothing. I reported her missing to the cops. Didn’t sleep that night. Nothing the next morning. That continued for a few days. Nothing…

January 10th, 2003. The First Great Day (Rook shines a brief and grim smile). I had fallen asleep all day. Woke up around midnight to the sound of footsteps. Bolted to the front door, ecstatic. She walked in the door, and was followed by a man. But as they tracked snow into the house I didn’t care if Satan or God or whoever walked in behind her. I ran to her, overjoyed. But then stopped when I got a closer look at her. There was something wrong. “Crissy…?” I asked. Didn’t get much farther than that.

The man behind her darted forward almost faster than my eyes could follow and nailed me in the gut, bringing me to my knees. A quick kick to the head put me out for a few seconds. I awoke to him holding me up by the back of my neck, eye level with her. I started into her eyes, and she into mine for a few seconds. At the end of which a tear came out of her eye. “I can’t…” she said. “Do it!” barked the man. She stood still and held her ground. “Please… Not him,” she pleaded. The man sighed and flung me across the room. I slammed into the wall and fell into a heap, barely conscious.

She walked over to me. “Goodbye Rookie. I’m sorry it had to end this way. Sadly I can’t try to help the world knowing what lurks in the shadows of the night. Vlad offered to show me the way of the night, and I accepted. Please don’t follow me. Just… try to move on. Please.”

Vlad sighed and went to the door. “Lets go already,” he barked. She got up and walked to him. I weakly stretched an arm out in a fetal attempt to stop her. She looked at me one more time… And turned her back on our world. On my world. The wind blew snow in the open doorway. She poked her head in one more time…

“Happy Birthday Rokuro.” It still haunts me to this day. Burns me in my nightmares. But I still got one more great day to tell ya. Gimme a sec, I gotta take a piss.

Still here huh? (Sarcastic clapping) Good for you. (Lights up a cigar) I ain’t proud of this next part. Won’t be surprised if you bolt after this. Just don’t be rude and take off before the end ok? So…

_I blacked out at that point. Lucky for me the cops showed up pretty quick, I guess the neighbors had heard the disturbance. Sent me off to the very hospital We worked at. My official report to the cops was that a burglar had come in, I woke up and he beat the snot outta me. (A disgusted look came across Rokuro’s face) If only it was that friggin simple. What the hell was I gonna tell them?? “Yeah my girlfriend broke up with me for a vampire, bout so tall, black hair, mid 30s.” (Rokuro spits angrily)

A few months after I recovered I began my research. I would find out everything there was to know about vampires, and most importantly find Her. Ask Her why. Why did it have to happen that way? WHY GOD DAMN IT?! (A solemn tear falls down Rokuro’s cheek, his face otherwise steely and cold) I was a med student by day, vampire novelist by night. I poured more energy into martial arts and learned how to shoot. I would be ready next time I saw her. One problem. Most libraries don’t have an extensive occult section. I couldn’t find shit about vampires and was quickly losing hope.

Bout 6 months after the run in I hit my first lucky break in a long long time. I left another library, around 11 at night, just as the place closed down for the night. As I left, once again defeated, someone approached me. A taller, lanky guy, silverish hair,about my age it looked. And a long red leather jacket. “You the crazy guy asking all these silly old librarians about spooky vampires?” he asked with a grin. “Whats it to ya?” I barked back, taking a fighting stance. He laughed loudly, taking a similar stance. “I might have the information you want, at a price.” I stopped dead and my jaw dropped. I was willing to do anything to start moving forward. “What do you w-” I tried to ask, but he cut me off with a kick aimed at my head. I narrowly dodged it, and heard him laugh. “All ya gotta do is knock me down!” he laughed throwing another kick, this time at my gut. I jumped out of the way and got into a stance. “Show me what drives you! Why do you want to fight the scum suckers of the night!” He leaped high into the air, then turned and came down with a crushing kick, directed at my head. “Who are you fighting for?!” At that, my mind froze for a moment. Everything seemed to. Then I saw Her. Saw Her face. Saw Her leave.

I roared and grabbed his foot in midair and used it to slam him face first into the ground. I panted and jumped back a step. He got up like it was nothing… And laughed. Laughed hard. “Now that’s more like it! Now I can confidently bring ya back to HQ so you can join!” I kind of stared at him. He laughed again and told me to follow him. I held back for a second… And remembered I had nothing to lose. We walked away as a breeze picked up, kicking leaves behind us.

(Rokuro puts out the cigar) Long story short, the guy’s name was Donije (Don-i-shay) Terren, he and his crew had heard that someone was poking around about vampires. His crew was a rag tag team of hunters who all had something they lost to the vamps. I fit right in.

I joined as an amateur doctor and was quickly accepted. I rose up and was soon leading the pack with Donny and his brother Virgil. They lost their parents to vampires when they were young. I did my med school time during the day, worked with the Crew at night. Over the next 2 years I balanced it, med school and vamp training. Picked up some blades and sword fighting skills. It was going smoothly for a while… Then life once again their the bitch card at me.

Virgil had been cornered in a hunt with some 4 vamps by himself. By the time we found him, he was past saving. He died in Donny’s arms that night. The next day I became second in command of the Crew. It was summertime of… 2005. I dropped out of med school. Cut off all connections to everyone except the Crew. And it only got better.

Just about the time the leaves started to change, we got word from some of our distance scouts. (Rokuro smiles weakly. “We were pretty big actually. A rag tag band that had connections pretty much across the country.”) Some scouts had found Her. She had made herself comfortable in a town hundreds of miles away. I explained to Donny that I needed to go after Her. “She is my motivation after all,” I chuckled weakly. He grinned. “Watch the house while I’m gone kids!” he yelled to the captains. “Rock, Paper, Scissors for leader, you guys know what you’re doing by now.” He then turned to me, “I friggin tired of being couped up here, so I’m coming with!” At first I argued, but he brought up the excellent point that I didn’t know shit about camping. So we set off.

January 5th, 2006. After months of travel, we arrived in a medium sized town at sunrise. We set up camp on the outskirts of the town, and prepared a battle plan.

January 6th, 2006. Recon all day and night, nothing to report though.

January 8th, 2006. Still nothing. No… She couldn’t have left. Not after all this time. All this effort…

(Another tear falls down Rokuro’s cheek.) And then we come to great day #2.

January 10th, 2006. Another worthless recon day. As night falls and we return to our campsite, we realize we aren’t alone anymore. We can hear them, right behind us in the shadows. As soon as we make it back the campsite, we both draw our swords, a Kilij like balde (Rudra) for me, a long, straight-edge blade (Agni) for Donije. I had my Desert Eagle (Twilight), he had his .50 Cal Magnum Revolver (Chaos) at the ready as well. We stand back to back, ready. And then the voice that haunts my nightmares spoke up from the darkness. “It’s been a long time Rookie.” She strode forward from behind a tree. I held still as I could, although I began to shake a little. “And you even brought a friend!” she chuckled. She snapped her fingers, and 6 vampires came out from behind other trees. “My friends will keep you company. Goodbye again Rokuro. This time, I suggest you don’t get back up.”

She began to walk away. I roared and tried to go after her, only for a vamp to get in front of me. I growled and started to fight him. As I fought, Donny quickly decapitated one of them and impaled another. I made quick work of mine in my berserk state and charged after Her. Donny jumped in the way of the other vamps so I could have my clear run.

I caught up to Her soon after. She turned and we looked deeply into each others eyes. Tears fell down my cheeks, her eyes were cold and dry. “Why…?” I asked Her. She sighed. “You came this far, after 3 years just to ask me that? I told you that day. I couldn’t live in a world knowing what was lurking in the shadows. I met Vlad, and he showed me the true way to live.” She grinned. "Well not really “live”, nut you know what I mean." I stared. This wasn’t the woman I lived. It was a disgusting creature that looked like her. “So what now hero?” She asked. “Will you strike me down?” I held still. “Damn right we will!” came a yell from behind me. A bruised and bleeding Donije stood next me. “C’mon, lets put this bitch in her place!” He charged forward. “No…” I said, “This is my fight.” “Don’t be an idiot! You remember what happened to Virgil?? We gotta do this together!” He started to charge once again. “No…” I said. (Tears are flowing freely now.) I raised my D.Eagle. “DON’T LAY A FINGER ON MY CRYSTAL!” I roared, firing several shots into his back.

He fell to the ground, not dead but mortally wounded. I stood there, stunned at what I had just done. She walked over to him calmly and lifted him up to face me. He stared quietly for a minute before giving one his trademark smiles. “I woulda done the same thing…” he said weakly. Suddenly a hand burst through his stomach. He yelped, then his his slumped down. Dead. She tossed him aside like a ragdoll. I was numb and couldn’t move. She came over to me slowly. Soon was nose to nose with me. And… Kissed me. Long and hard. “Rookie, you are so silly. Thank you,” she said still smiling.

And then She slashed me deeply with her nails, and before I could react kicked me and sent me flying. She was suddenly at my side as I lay there, bleeding. She produced a knife. Held it above my heart.

“Happy Birthday Rokuro.” She said plainly, the smile long gone. “I l-l-lov-v-ve y-y-y-y-ou…” I managed to studder in between painful gasps. She smiled again. And plunged the knife deep into my chest. I roared in pain. She got up and walked away.

I gasped weakly, losing blood fast. I realized that she hadn’t hit my heart, but I was still in critical condition. I forced myself to breathe normally and dug a needle and thread out of my pocket. I set about sewing myself shut with only my right hand. Eventually I blacked out.

When I came to, I was mostly sewn shut and had stopped enough bleeding to not die. Eventually I worked up the strength to get up. I walked up to Donije’s dead body. I saw the holes in his favorite coat that I had made. I mourned for a while, then carried his body back to camp. on the way there I saw the signs of the struggle he had endured to try and help me. I buried his body near a the campsite. I took his sword, gun, and favorite jacket, as well as somethings related to the Crew that no one else needed to see. I packed everything up and started walked away from where we had come. I made one small trip to inform the Crew that Donny had died in battle and that I was as good as dead. I hung up without waiting for a response.

I just started walking and never looked back. So here we are.

Rokuro "Rook" Axetwilos

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