Valarie Hawthorn

Your typical Californian teen. Sweet, popular, fashionable... and someone you may want to stab once in awhile.


Str: 7
Dex: 7
Con: 6
Int: 3
Perception: 5
Will: 5

Attractiveness: 3
Fast Reaction Time
Hard to Kill: 5
Nerves of Steel
Resources: 4
Contacts: 2
Psychic Visions
Resistance (pain)

Obligation (slayer quality)
Adversary (Vampires & Demons)
Secret (slayer)

Acrobatics: 5
Computers: 2
Crime: 0
Dr: 0
Driving: 3
Getting Medieval: 5
Gun Fu: 1
Influence: 2
Knowledge: 2
Kung Fu: 4
Languages: Latin
Mr. Fix-It: 0
Notice: 3
Occultism: 1
Science: 1
Sports: 1
Wild Card: 0


Valarie is anything but a sweet, modest teen and carries herself in a very typical California snobbish teen stereo-type. From a wealthy family, Valarie does not understand the concept of ‘no’, ‘broke’, or ‘unpopular’. She also is always in style with the latest fashions. Always.
Constantly surrounded by her ‘posse’, she is never without the attention she so craves. And deserves (in her mind anyway).

Valarie moved from New York City to Sunnydale at the age of thirteen (seventh grade) and quickly claimed the role of the most popular kid in class. Information from before this date is yet unknown.

Beginning high school Valarie was anything but at the bottom of the food chain. She quickly found herself in the ‘in crowd’ and the leader of the lot. The only trouble Valarie found herself having were the strange bits of knowledge. Almost as if she were having visions, but popular people don’t have visions, they aren’t the crazy type. In her mind at any rate. Enter junior year and let the chaos begin…

Valarie Hawthorn

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